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Link12 Lakeville Online

Lakeville Area Schools

Success Story

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The Client:

Link12 Lakeville Online is an online school that provides minnesota students with a high quality, personalized option for education that allows students to take classes from anywhere in the world.

The Objective:

  1. Increase the awareness of Link12 Lakeville’s K-12 online education program to parents of students outside the Lakeville Area School District.

  2. Generate Leads via Request for Information Form

The Link12 sales and marketing team would then take those warm sales leads and ultimately convert them into matriculating students

The Challenge:

  1. On average, online schools pay $10K a month on pay per click campaigns to generate leads. Link12 only had $5,000 budget in total.
  2. Their website was not designed with a conversion objective resulting in a confusing user experience for potential students and their parents.

The Strategy:

We developed a digital advertising strategy that allowed us to test a variety of variables in a cost effective manner. We utilized multivariate testing on both Google Adwords and Social Media Advertising platforms, optimizing throughout the campaign and reallocating funds to the best performing combination of variables. We also built out a landing page designed for conversion to create a better user experience through a simplified lead generation process.

The Result:

  1. Increase awareness of Link12
    • 31,965 impressions through the Google Adwords campaigns
    • 72,415 reach through the Facebook & Instagram Advertising campaigns
  2. Generate Request for Information Leads
    • Averaged ~1 lead per day
    • Acquired 32 leads at a cost of less than $100/leads
    • Lead acquisition improved exponentially as the campaign progressed through optimization
  3. Lead Conversion
    • 18% conversion rate generated from the warm leads resulting in an annual ROI of 616% and a potential lifetime ROI of 9,353% from a single campaign.


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