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Lemon & Vine

Lemon & Vine

Success Story

Lemon & Vine

The Client:

Lemon & Vine’s Greek appetizers and entrees bring savory, delicious Greek family recipes to your table. Using premium ingredients like goat milk, red wine, lamb and fresh vegetables… you’ll be running back to the store for more!

The Objective:

  1. Audit & Evaluate Current Digital Presence
  2. Create a Digital Marketing strategy that will raise brand awareness of this startup and drive traffic to the store.

The Strategy

  • A demographic analysis via social media to identify target audience density and potential reach by retail store. This guided the selection of store advertising and has the potential to guide operational decision making surrounding product distribution.
  • Run an extremely targeted social media advertising strategy with 10-mile radius around selected stores, highlighting current product
  • Produce a monthly eNewsletter that provides value to subscribers with recipes, pairing ideas, and hosting tips.
  • Publish consistent organic social media posts to stay top-of-mind and to create a complementary presence to paid social media efforts.
  • Clean up and optimize online presence to begin SEO journey.

The Results:

Analysis & Advertising

Lemon & Vine received immense brand exposure to a highly targeted audience with a very modest budget of $100 per store per month.  

Utilizing multivariate advertising tactics, Facebook and Instagram ads generated 3.2 million views with a unique reach of 2.6 million people within a 10-mile radius of specifically targeted stores where their products were hosted. The cost was about 1 cent per view.  

They received a cost per action of $3.08, which is 86% above the industry average for Facebook advertising. $1,115 people took action on Lemon & Vine advertising.

Content Plan

Content & Social Marketing Strategy was developed for paid and organic content, including monthly editorial calendars and company hashtags. Resulting in an increase in social followers, engagement, & email opens.


Resolved Opt-in issue expanding email list from 50 to 589 subscribers (192% increase) and developed monthly eNewsletters including the production, design, copywriting, and deployment.


Local SEO including link wheel development, Business Registration with Search Engines, Search Engine Webmastering & Duplicate elimination and/or corrections as needed.



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