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Letter from The Founder, Sara Summers

I left the corporate world to pursue my passion of helping others through marketing. Throughout my career I kept running into marketing "solutions" that did nothing to differentiate the companies they were built to promote. The marketing companies didn't spend the time to understand the company's mission, objectives, or uniqueness to develop a custom strategy that would actually help. Oftentimes, I found they took advantage of clients who didn't understand the technology or the marketing and charged prices that are difficult for small businesses to support, like $10K for a cookie cutter website. While it is true marketing is an investment and continues to serve the company after the service is completed, in many cases I was saddened to see my colleagues exhorting businesses who were simply trying to share their passion.

I began SKS Marketing Consultants with the intention of breaking the mold and providing customized solutions for small to medium sized businesses. In addition to offering strategy and implementation services on an as-needed basis, I decided to offer full consultation services as a Part-Time CMO. This solution was developed in response to small to medium-sized business' need to have an ongoing marketing advisor as their growth partner, but do not have the capacity to bring on a full time, high level marketer to assist with accomplishing their marketing goals, but may have an intern, entry level marketer, or interested team member who can help with implementation. Some do not even have this and the team is trying to do marketing in their spare time. SKS Marketing helps provide marketing strategy direction, action-plans, and even implementation when needed. Our goal is to elevate your marketing and communicate who you are in a way that will resonate with your customers, resulting in raised awareness, a better brand experience and increased sales.

I look forward to getting to know you, your company, its goals, and how I can help you accomplish them.


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SKS Marketing Consultants know that finding the right partner to handle your marketing isn't a choice you take lightly. That’s why we offer complimentary consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Sara Summers Johnson

Lead Consulant & Founder

Sara Summers

I am a global marketer. I excel at developing owned, earned and paid content strategy. Focusing on growth strategies that align brands with key business objectives, I create and lead integrated marketing strategies and campaigns that are data-driven, creative and generate results. I challenge myself and my teams to question the status quo, reveal consumer challenges, develop strategically creative solutions, communicate effectively, and efficiently utilize the budget. I am an outgoing leader and cultural advocate who is continuously learning and applying new knowledge to inspire innovation. I am contagiously positive and strive to be better than the day before.



B.A., Strategic Communications
B.A., Child Development


Over 10 years of marketing experience in developing and executing strategic cross-channel marketing campaigns for local small businesses, non-profits, and large global corporations.



Additional Consultants

SKS Marketing Consultants partners with exemplary marketing colleagues on projects as needed. Other marketing experts include company namers, technical writers, graphic and logo designers, videographers, photographers etc.